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Alchemy of Transformation

The alchemy of transformation of less effective swimmer to a more effective swimmer involves doing it wrong to do it right.

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Stroke Cadence3 is Part 3

Stroke Cadence3 is part of the A Stroke In Time series written by Emmett Hines

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Stroke Cadence2 is Part 2

Stroke cadence2 is part of the A Stroke In Time series written by Coach Emmett Hines.

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A Stroke Cadence in Time -

Stroke Cadence is your range of stroke counts (number of strokes per length of the pool, or SPL) which you can execute in a smooth swimming rhythm.

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Balance in Swimming Questioned

Aquatic balance in swimming is fundamental to efficient swimming. Without it, all other swimming activities are meaningless.

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A Reason to Swim

A letter sent to her coach for her reason to swim shortly after losing her father to cancer.

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Get Into Shape: A Fitness Ruse to Avoid

Should someone do a lot of swimming on his own in order to get into shape prior to joining a swim workout group or otherwise working with a coach?

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Coach Emmett Hines

Emmett Hines was one of the top masters swimming coaches in the United States. His presence is still present in my swimming and my own coaching of others today.

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Swimming Effects on Telomeres

Telomeres are an internal fountain of youth that will help you to keep looking young and beautiful for years to come.

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The Deep Ocean of the Open Water

The deep ocean provides natural swimming mysteries to be revealed, new energies to be discovered and many cases, new life is found.

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