Nutrition from Every Bite

Aspire to be a natural swimmer and only eat as much food as needed, gaining as much nutrition as possible from every bite. They should never eat in excess, since nutritious foods are more satisfying and they keep toxic cravings under control. Whether you are a fish, whale, seal or human, we all eat with "chi energy", (or at least, we should). Natural swimmers that practice the healthiest eating habits follow the basic beliefs that you should only eat it if it falls off a tree or grows out of the ground-namely vegetables and fruits or lower-starch grains all of which are plant based. Eating in this fashion is one aspect that enables the body to self-heal, maintain long telomeres and stay healthy never having to worry about a disease.

 A Nutrition Rainbow of Color

When it comes to natural nutrition, there is a general belief that foods shouldn't be canned versions, (unless it's beans) or processed and refined, since unhealthy fats, carbohydrates and artificial preservatives or colorings are usually added. All colors of the rainbow should be eaten every day. It is possible to enjoy a wide array of colors by eating all kinds of fresh vegetables and fruits.

Green leafy vegetables are known for their disease-preventing nutrients, but orange, red, yellow and even, purple, brown or white fruits and vegetables offer high amounts of vitamins and minerals when measured by calorie density. High-starch grains and vegetables are healthy in measured doses, but they don't provide all the nutrients you can receive with healthier, low-starch options.

Micro- and Macro- Nutrients

For natural swimmers concerned with their diets, the diet quality should be measured by the levels of micronutrients, (or vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals) per calorie, besides the amount of macronutrients, (which are fat, carbohydrates and protein) that lead to weight gain or unhealthy conditions. For dietary excellence, avoiding sodium, trans fats and other potentially unhealthy ingredients should be adhered to.

Reverse Disease, Be Healthy

For disease reversal and prevention, natural swimmers should pay attention to the diet they receive, packing the most benefit into every bite and calorie. It isn't enough to eat a diet that's low in animal products, low in glycemic index or comprised of raw foods. It is important to make the majority of your diet the micronutrient foods that provide better health and prevent disease. Eliminating weight gain, cravings and overeating helps you avoid toxic eating habits that lead to deterioration of your health.

It's possible to reverse the years of eating the wrong foods. You don't need to become a vegan, although there are many of them that will tell you they eat very satisfying meals, made creatively, simple and with only a few fresh ingredients. Organic vegetables and fruits are popular for those that utilize nutrition habits followed by natural swimmers. Because there are no pesticides or chemical additives, it's easier to follow a diet that's high in micronutrients and you can maximize your longevity.

A Boosted Immune System

For those with high health-risk factors, it's more important to pay attention to nutrition. There are many fresh vegetables and fruits as well as nuts and seeds that boost your immune system, while providing the nutrients you require for more energy and less lethargy or fatigue.

Natural swimmers that follow these simple dietary guidelines for their nutrition will eat less, lose weight and feel better, achieve that swimmers body and those swimmer abs without the need for additional diet plans or medical advice. Eliminating food cravings and disease reversal or prevention is possible, even if you have unique nutritional needs.

One special note of a special natural swimmer, Gary Hall Jr. , who learned how take care of his diabetes and still win Gold in the 50 meter freestyle.

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