Swim Better, Find Your Natural Swimmer Chi

You will swim better when you listen intuitively to the unique energy signals of your body before, during and after exercise, you can convert more energy and begin to swim better. For effortless swim training, find your effortless breathing and movement by finding your chi by cultivating awareness, through an alert stillness, which links your intuition and physical body. Natural swimming can become an effortless exercise for an endurance athlete, once you have learned to recognize your body’s natural energy stores.

This deep connection of body and mind can help you achieve greater balance and balance in swimming, streamline for less resistance and help you learn more efficient breathing, which are the core principles of learning how to swim better and can be found in the tai chi principle. Find your "chi" by truly listening to the internal signals your mind and swimmers body are trying to send you.

Unlike creatures of the sea, human swimmers waste energy, because they only convert 3% to 9% of their energy, into locomotion. Sea mammals or fish will only exert bursts of energy to obtain a certain goal, whether chasing prey or surviving a pursuit from a predator. Natural swimming may be referred to as an instinctual motion, which requires little conscious effort, but great bursts of speed and optimal form are the result.

Learning proper breathing positions can help you maintain your balance and streamline your form, for better performance. This is the fastest and most significant way to reduce energy waste, when you are learning to swim better. Find your "chi" to increase velocity, which equals stroke length multiplied by stroke rate. This can help you become a natural swimmer, who can increase endurance and durability, besides distance.

You have to think of your body as a swimming machine, which means all the primary parts need to work in synergy. Your legs and core lower torso muscles rotate, much like a crankshaft. The arms and shoulders pull you through the water, much like a transmission. Your hands and arms act as the wheels, meaning you should use your entire forearm and hand, to get the greatest propulsion force.

Doing all of these things, in proper timing and form, will help you swim better. Find your "chi" to instinctually move your body parts in perfect synergy. This provides the necessary force to complete your core body rotation, while adding power to your stroke. Kicking will propel you through the water, but greater efficiency and speed are the primary goals. If you talk to different swim coaches, you are likely to get different theories on taking swimming strokes and achieving the best core body rotation, while obtaining faster speeds with efficient kicking. Each kick should come from your hips, with very little bending of the knees. Learning horizontal and vertical rotation rhythm kicking can help you streamline your body, for better propulsion and less resistance.

Breathing and buoyany is important, because you allow your head to rotate with your body, which means you don’t need to destroy balance, by lifting your head to take a breath. Learning front and back arm strokes, in a stream-lined position, means coordinating your rotation to allow for breathing, while taking advantage of a full streamline position.

Start your stroke at the same time you start a roll and finish a stroke at the same time you finish a roll. Timing your strokes, breathing, kicks and core rotation will become instinctual, if you engage in natural swimming. To swim better, find your "chi"! -And in a race, wear your best drag resistant swim suit :)

Maintaining rhythm and timing are important, while you are learning to go faster. If you practice relaxation at relaxed tempos, you will be ready to start increasing speed, once you have mastered the essentials of coordinating your rotation efforts, with higher kicking intensity. Keep the forearm and hand in vertical positioning, for as long as possible, through the stroke. Don’t slow down the speed of your kick or the rhythm of your core rotations, while increasing your velocity, with increased stroke length and stroke rate.

Remember to listen to the unique energy signals your body sends and the effortless endurance exercise experience will begin. Natural swim technique and swimming training and intuition allows you to swim better. Find your "chi" to utilize the conscious inner connection to your body and tap the inner body energy it sends you. You will become a natural swimmer, as a result - just like a fish :).

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