Energy Medicine Keeps You Healthy

What is Energy Medicine?

Energy is vital to health. It powers all the processes that enable the body to function and perform. Full energy is not only important to athletes or people whose occupation demands a tremendous amount of physical exertions. Sufficient amount of life-giving energy is a requirement to maintaining health. In this light, the practice of energy medicine empowered so many people to take charge of their health, manage debilitating illnesses and fight them without the intervention of drugs. In the recent years, energy healing medicine presented a healing and healthy practice that allowed man to make the most of his endeavors.

In the practice of energy medicine, the body is believed to have the natural capacity to heal itself. By activating the natural healing energies, the body can correct and self heal the imbalances that are a result of its weaknesses and physical illnesses. It uses an array of ancient healing practices and traditions such as yoga, acupuncture and kinesiology to tap into the body’s energy system. To reestablish harmony and balance among the key sources of energies within the body, subjecting patients into traditional massages helps target specific energy points. The pinching, tracing and swirling motions of the hand over the skin helps reconnect the energy pathways and use energetic effects to correct the ill-effects of disrupted energy flow throughout the body. This is how self-healing is initiated and sustained.

One session of traditional massages and synergistic healing is not enough to correct illnesses. A few sessions comprised with meridian tracing, chakra cleaning, and the use of mild electricity to tap into the neurolymphatic, and neurovascular points of the body may be recommended to reestablish balance in the energy flow within the body. This routine comes with a daily assessment of the body’s energy system as well as specified energy healing medicine protocol.

Wholistic (or holistic) medicine is focused more on improving the health of a person so that they are able to achieve a balance of the mind and body.

World Champion swimmer, Tim Garton, is one of the prominent people who have benefited from the healing benefits of energy medicine. When Tim was diagnosed of stage 2 Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 1989, he was subjected to a series of orthodox medical treatments, which include surgery and chemotherapy. By 1990, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and underwent prostatectomy and radiation treatment. By 2001, his lymphoma returned. Even with surgery and radiation treatment, his health remained in grave danger. That was until he enlisted for energy healing medicine treatments. In addition to a strict diet of fresh produce, fresh juices and healing herbal teas, he was subjected to a routine daily session of energy corrective therapy. After two weeks, Tim’s scheduled follow-up assessment declared him to be cancer-free.

He is a true "natural swimmer”.

Unlike other forms alternative healthcare of health practices, energy medicine is both a complete self-care and self-help system and a complement to various medical care.  When you are learning how to heal yourself with any form of energy medicine, there are some core things you need to keep in mind. Tapping into the body’s core sources of energy promotes stronger immune functions, releases stress, sharpens focus and memory, and relieves chronic aches and pains. In addition to physical illnesses, it also offers more lasting relief to other forms of disorders like emotional, mental and behavioral problems. Overall, this system of health care promotes vitality, longevity and better overall quality of life.

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Energy Medicine's Influencial Names

Energy Medicine's Influential Name

For more than 25 years, Donna Eden has been a methodical and precise teacher who can help to improve the lives of others, through the use of positive energies in the body.

Caroline Myss is world renowned medical intuitive who teaches about the vibrational energy in us and around us.

Dr. Norman Shealy is a pioneer in the world of energy medicine but not in an intuitive sense.  He works more with the physical body in an energy way, but is fascinated by learning from blessed medical intuitives.

Dr. Kelly Turner, Ph.D, is someone who has taken the time to learn about how to heal and the process of integrative oncology through her Radical Remission Project.

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