Wholistic Healing

Wholistic healing focuses on treating the whole body. Unlike traditional forms of medicine where general physical health is the main focus, in this approach it can be a secondary one. In most cases, a physical ailment will spark the need to find a practitioner of holistic healing, so the two often intertwine. For most people, they have no idea that anything might be going wrong with their body until they find that some pain or discomfort forms. This then causes a person to start searching for a self healing form of treatment that can help to improve their wellbeing.

When dealing with holistic or “wholistic” healing, the spiritual health of a person and the health of the entire individuals internal system are taken into account. While Western medicine will often treat the symptoms and focus on a one time, wholistic medicine focused more on improving the health of a person so that they are able to achieve a balance of the mind and body. This complete approach allows you to remain healthier and happier when you have achieved the total balance.

Wholistic Healing is Not Understood in Western Medicine

Since the holistic healing process includes working with the human energy field, it should come as no surprise that energy medicine becomes a part of this. In Eastern Medicine, chakras, or energy systems, are found in the body and tie into the holistic healing process. The belief is that the chakras act like circuits that help the flow of energy and that the source of energy that flows through our body impacts out entire body’s wellness.

That means when we are in good health, out chakras allow for better energy flow. When we become traumatized, injured, stressed or encounter a disease, these concerns disrupt the flow of energy and this can lead to a disconnection. By utilizing energy medicine practices, the trained specialist will be able to help restore the flow so that a person has the chance to restore their good health.

Good and Balanced Energy Flow

As part of the energy medicine that is focused on during holistic healing is an energy known as ch’i. This is the life force of a person that is flowing through a person without any kind of disruptions. As the flow slows down and becomes blocks, the energy will begin to impact your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self. During the healing process, therapists will begin to look at how to heal by to restoring balance and harmony into the individual until they begin to see a restoration.

Wholistic healing is something that can be done within any of us. It does require that you be open to the process and that you believe in the healing energies and life force that is within you. Around longer than Western Medicine, it has been used for centuries to ensure that patients have a balanced life and good overall health.

Today’s Daily Swimming Workout:

Warm-up:  Alternating 25 breaststroke and 75 freestyle for a total 500

Kick 5 X 100 alternating breaststroke and butterfly-on-back  by 100

Swim with swim fins on 20 X 50 alternating backstroke and freestyle by 50

Pull with swim paddles on 3 X 150 each as 50 freestyle, 50 breaststroke, 50 freestyle

10 X 100 alternating backstroke and freestyle by 100

200 kick choice of stroke

8 X 50 alternating butterfly and freestyle

Warm-down:  200 super-slow tai-chi style freestyle

Total:  4400 meters or yards

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