College Swimmer 's are Incredible

Looking back on my days as a college swimmer, I realize that those were the moments that defined my passion and love for competitive swimming. When I joined, I didn’t have the scholarship and wasn’t recruited for the swim team. I was what is known as a walk on. This is a college swimmer who meets the minimum requirements of then joins the team without the recruitment process.

With many of the other members of the competitive swimming team all being recruited from schools across the world, I wasn’t sure I was going to fit in and was very frightened. I even knew I wasn’t as fast as many of them were. What I found out what actually further from the truth and it is one of the reasons why this was a great time. I busted through some college swimming myths.

The members embraced me and welcomed me on the team at once. More surprising is that each of my teammates was willing to answer my questions and to help me to improve my skills in the water. That meant I had people I could count on and knew they would continue to help me to push myself and to grow as a swimmer and as a person. What we had is what is known as camaraderie.

College Swimmer Camarderie

This is of course when a group of people share good fellowship with each other and there is a loyalty and warmth among the group. We were there for each other at every race. We encouraged our team to do the best and cheered them on no matter what. When we won races, or an individual did a record performance on their own, everyone in the team celebrated the accomplishment and it helped to bond us closer together. This helped up to form a strong unit as a competitive swimming team and it helped us in our day to day lives, as well as in the competitive world.

Having those by our sides and letting us know that we mattered and we were connected did have another benefit. It taught each of us self-confidence. As we watched others show their belief and their support of us, we in turn believed in ourselves. As a college swimmer, having self-confidence is important if you want to make an impact in races and to stand out. This is a characteristic we were able to carry with us for a lifetime and that is something that can be celebrated for a lifetime.

Through college swimming, I really ended up having some great things come from the competitive swimming I participated in. Thus includes things like:

I wouldn’t trade in my time as a college swimmer for anything. The experience I had will last a lifetime with me as I never forget all the positive experiences I had and the friends that I made. For those looking at a way to boost all the items I mentioned and more, I would strongly recommend exploring a swim team in your college.

Today's Daily Swim Workout

500 Warm-up, choice of swim strokes, kicking and swimming

10 X 50 alternating backstroke and freestyle by 50's

Kick with short swim fins: 2 X (50 butterfly, 100 backstroke, 50 Breaststroke, 100 freestyle)

drill 100 backstroke

Pull with hand paddles:  2 X (350 freestyle, 50 breaststroke)

10 X 100 alternating Individual Medley and 25 breaststroke, 75 freestyle

200 choice of stroke

8 X 25 alternating butterfly and freestyle

8 X 25 alternating backstroke and freestyle

8 X 25 alternating breaststroke and freestyle

warm-down: 200 tai-chi style freestyle

Total: 4400 yards or meters

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