Swimmers Ear

Unlike ocean life, swimmers ear is a extremely common problem that many people suffer from every year and can affect all ages. The symptoms that you may suffer from are the result of an infection in the ear canal, and typically affect both the outer and middle ear. You will suffer from inflammation, hearing loss and in some cases extreme ear pain. Swimmer's ear is different from a typical ear infection and can be incredibly painful for the sufferer.


The typical cause of swimmer's ear is when bacteria to enter the ear and cause an ear canal infection. This form of ear infection is called swimmer's ear, as it is very common to occur after swimming in a pool or in the sea. As the water enters your ear, dirt, sand and debris can find its way into your ear canal as well.

Once you suffer from swimmer's ear you are highly likely to have the symptoms another time. There are several different swimmer's ear home remedies that you can use to help with the problem. Although ear infections are common in swimmers, you may also suffer if you have scratched your inner ear, live in a warm climate, have impacted wax or have suffered from a head injury. You may be suffering from several different symptoms that you want to find a swimmer's ear remedy for.


The symptoms of swimmer's ear are acutely painful and even touching your ear can cause pain. You will find that your hearing is profoundly affected, and that the swelling in your ear causes you to feel unwell. If you find that you are suffering from swimmers ear, you will need to find an effective treatment as soon as possible. Visiting the doctor may be necessary for a diagnosis and treatment. Many times, acetominophen for pain and a doctors prescription will be needed.


Prevention is always better than cure, and you may find that swimmer's ear can be prevented with ear cleaning home remedies easily. If you are an active swimmer and enjoy being in the water, you will need to stop the excess water entering your ears to prevent ear ache. This can be achieved by wearing swimmer's ear plugs whilst in the water. Cleaning your ears correctly is another form of swimmers ear home remedies that can be applied. When you want to remove the excess ear wax you should use swimmers ear drops and only clean the external ear canal. Far too many people attempt to clean their ears with the wrong objects, which cause the infection. You should never place anything into your ear that may damage it and cause the swimmer's ear to occur.

Once you have swimmer's ear it is often recommended staying out of the water until the infection has cleared up. Using swimmers ear plugs in the future will help to ensure that you do not get another infection. There are swimmer's ear drops available to help dry up any excess water after swimming, which will help your ears to remain dry.

Swimming is fabulous fun and good exercise, and there is no need for you to miss out on being in the water due to the fear of contracting swimmer's ear.

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