Natural Healing is Possible

Natural healing is the process of providing full care to your system, without the use of invasive means. Those who are listed as natural healers will use various forms of energies and auras to help to restore the natural colors that surround a person. Typically, those who are healthy will have a radiant set of colors surrounding them, while a person who is ill or out of balance may experience a dim or faded aura.

While Kelly Turner, Ph.D, may not be a medical intuitive or a medical doctor, she is someone who has taken the time to learn about how to heal and the process of integrative oncology through the Radical Remission Project.

One of the approaches that can be taken for holistic healing is chakra balancing. A chakra is a type of energy that is formed along the spine, just outside of the body. What we find is that each of the chakras is associated with different points on the body and they contribute to the overall health of a person.  These energy systems are also associated with the bodies natural Chinese energy meridians.

Cranial sacral therapy initiates the body’s self-healing processes in non-invasive ways.  Zapping is a form of healing that uses electrical currents in the body.

Another choice of alternative healthcare is energy medicine. With this form of therapy, an individual takes the healing benefits of things like yoga, acupuncture and qi gong (healing energy chi kung) to restore the flow of energy and balance in their bodies. This can then help the body to reduce the pain it feels, while improving your overall health.

There is also the belief that quartz crystals carry some healing properties. For this a person places these stones on the body and the crystal energy can create a sense of healing and well being in a person. Different color variations of the quartz can also provide different benefits, and different healing stones can provide different benefits.

When you look at natural healing, you will also find that Reiki is an exceptional way to go about this process. This is a massage where a trained professional lays their hands on a person and begins to improve their life force energy. This can help to heal several medical concerns and improve the quality of life that a person has.

It is important to understand that some people may experience sublixations. These are energy disturbances can be linked to the cause of many different illnesses that appear in the body. In fact, when a chiropractor diagnoses this condition, they will often be able to link it to concerns with the spinal cord and the organs in your body. You should note that many sublixations stem from traumatic events like a car accident or other accidents that lead to serious injury.

While water can be cleansing, the natural swimmer will find it is also perfect for exercise and relaxation - especially in today's ancient oceans. What you will find is that with regular exercise, you are going to provide your body with the necessary tools to remain fit and healthier. More importantly, the reduction in stress will prove to be a valuable tool when you are looking to improve your health. Studies have shown that stress can lead to cardiovascular concerns and weaken your immune system. 

With the chlorine in pools, salt in the oceans and even brackish open waters that can be swum in, swimmers are able to help naturally heal skin conditions such as cellulitis.  Swimming also seems to improve the appearance of psoriasis.

Swimmers are immersed in water.  When our ears are in the water, and our head is low the way it’s supposed to be, the bubble of air pressure that keeps the water out of our ears dislodges/displaces and the water gets into our ears.  Many will wear ear plugs to keep the water out while others learn to deal with ear ache, swimmers ear and ear canal infections.

As swimmers, there will be time when we experience pain and we will need to manage it. If you don't care to try the natural method, there is acetominophen.

It is vital that you understand that natural healing can be achieved through a number of different methods and you could even find yourself in a health coaching situation.  You will want to find the approach that works best for you and then ensure that you take the necessary steps to begin healing your body. After all, longevity and the quality of your life will depend on how healthy you are.

As a special note, black seed oil can be used as a healing remedy for almost every illness, it has no known side affects and has helped many people. The secret lies in its strengthening and rebalancing our all important immune system which is our body's defense against illness.

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