Healing Energy Chi Kung and Swimming

The direct relation behind the healing energy Chi Kung and swimming might not seem obvious at first. After all, what could the healing process have to do with swimming in the waters, or participating in races? It’s when you gain a deeper understanding of Chi-Kung that you suddenly realize how well they two end up blending together.

The Qi of Chi Kung

At the core, Qigong (Chi Kung) is an exploration on cultivating your life force. You do this with simple postures, breathing techniques and meditation. Qi means the breath and the air around you. This is considered the vital life force in the equation and is essential for a person to survive.

The Gong of Chi Kung

The gong is the effort or the work that you put into mastering the skill. The more you put into the process, the more of a benefit you’ll receive from it. This healing energy is one that definitely will prove to be rewarding, so long as you take a smart approach to it. This does require a little balance on your part and some dedication to the study.

Swimming Similaries as Healing Energy Chi Kung

As a swimmer, you’ll want to take a close look at the breathing techniques and the various meditations included. These can help you with your competitive efforts. Through the breathing techniques, you’ll have a chance to master expert breath control and that will help you to remain in the water longer, as you are able to better manage the air you inhale into your lungs. The controlled breathing can help you to make it further distances before you need to adjust your breathing and you should begin to see that your stamina also benefits from this.

In turn, the meditation will help you to remain more focused in the water. You can get into your zone and use the meditation techniques to give the process everything you have. Before you know it, people will be noticing the improvement in your swimming and only you’ll know that it is directly related to the healing energy Chi Kung.

Something you’ll notice as you combine the two, you’ll also benefit from both in other areas of your life. You’ll become sicker less often. That means you can spend more time practicing in the water and not have to worry about an illness sticking you on the sideline. You’ll also find you live longer.  Swimming is the fountain of youth.  Longevity is a benefit of swimming, thanks to the physical exercise, and the Qi Kung has also been shown to help in this area.

As you can see, for the swimmer, Chi Kung is a study that can help you to develop new abilities and to ultimately improve your efforts in your life and in the pool. Take a moment to find a professional in your area who can help guide you through the process and embrace the positive changes that it will bring into your life.

Today’s Swimming Workout

Warm-up:  500 your choice of swimming strokes in a relaxed fashion

Kick with swim fins 400 alternating by 25’s flutter and butterfly

Drill 300 alternating by 25’s side to side glide breathing and 3 strokes glide breath

8 X 75 alternating butterfly and freestyle

8 X 75 alternating backstroke and freestyle

Pull with hand paddles 500 freestyle

12 X 50 alternating breaststroke and freestyle

12 X 25 alternating easy and sprinting

Cool-down:  200 tai chi swimming style working on perfect swim technique

Total: 4100 meters or yards depending on the length of your pool

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