Skin Care for All and Natural Swimmers Too!

Swimmers are concerned with skin care!!!  Being exposed to chlorine, minerals, other elements and being in water for hours on end does take an effect on their skin.  Unlike deep sea fish and other ocean life which have fins and gills and special skin that is created for constant water, us natural human swimmers skin need a little help to keep it in balance.

There are six fundamental elements for achieving and maintaining truly youthful, healthy, vibrant skin:  purify, relax, stimulate, hydrate and protect, nourish.

Much research has gone into the ingredients and their combinations to achieve these six skin care elements.

There are many concerns people have regarding skin:  age-fighting, advanced age fighting, balance, blemishes/acne, dryness, firming, foot care, hand care, men’s skin, moisturizing, sensitive skin, sun care, and sun protection.

There are different skin types:  combination, combination to oily, dry, normal, normal to dry, oily.

There are different skin conditions:  psoriasis, eczema, rosacea.

There are different product types:  cleanser, exfoliators, eye care, lip balm, lip care, masks, moisturizers, primer, serum, collection sets, targeted solutions, tinted moisturizers, toners and refreshers.

Mineral Makeup is not a mask for our skin.  It benefits and helps all skin care synergistically. More and more people are choosing mineral make up since it fits in well with their health-conscious and wellness-focused lifestyle.

Mineral make up is most highly valued for its naturally-derived ingredients. Good mineral make up formulations will contain nothing but minerals extracted and refined from the earth. These ingredients are also cited as being ‘natural’. This is true in that they are not artificial creations, but you should keep in mind that most mineral ingredients are processed to ensure they are safe for skin. Mineral make up is free of the harsh chemicals and damaging ingredients that can actually age your skin.

Mineral make up contains no preservatives and serves as a natural sunscreen against the damaging effects of the sun’s harsh UV rays. The purity of the minerals contained in mineral make up make it perfect for sensitive skin. In fact, mineral make up even has anti-inflammatory properties. It is also dry and inorganic, which makes it impossible for bacteria to survive.

Mineral make up is highly resistant to water. Not only does this make your look immune to unexpected sprinkles or the occasional tear, mineral make up is incredibly long-lasting. You’ll rarely have the need to re-apply your make up as the day wears on.

Most first time users of mineral make up remark at how weightless it feels. There’s no tendency for the make up to slide and it will not clog your pores.

So, let’s take care of our skin and make it the best.


Today’s Daily Swim Workout:

Warm-up:  500 as 25 breaststroke,75 freestyle; 100 breaststroke kick; 200 Individual Medley; 100 kick butterfly-on-back; 100 freestyle super-slow tai-chi style

500 as 25 backstroke kick, 100 backstroke, 25 freestyle kick, 100 freestyle continuous

20 X 25 alternating backstroke and freestyle

Kick with long swim fins on:  4 X 150 alternating backstroke and freestyle

Pull with hand paddles on:  800 alternating 50 breaststroke, 100 freestyle, continuous until done

6 X 150 as alternating (100 butterfly, 25 backstroke, 25 breaststroke) and freestyle

Warm-down:  200 Individual Medley alternating 25 kick and 25 swim

Total:  4500 meters or yards depending on length of the pool

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