Fascinating Deep Sea Fish Swim Naturally

Deep sea fish are incredible and fascinate people who are fortunate enough to encounter them. All fish that live below the photic zone in the ocean are considered to be deep sea fish. Some are even transparent. There are several different varieties that live within this area of the ocean. The depth of the water in the ocean is vast (deep ocean); therefore, the environment can be extremely hostile. Many of the fish that can be found in the deeper waters have evolved there and they are remarkable creatures to discover.

Lantern fish are one of the most, most common deep ocean fish. This slender, small, silvery fish has a round head and lateral eyes. The mouth of the Lantern fish is quite large in comparison to the rest of its body and the fins are unusually small.

Anglerfish are very bony fishes that possess a fleshy growth from their heads which acts as a lure. This fish can be found in several different places within the ocean and is not only native to deep seas. However, the most common variety is found at extreme depths within the water.

Viperfish can grow up to lengths of 60cm and remain in the depths of the water during the day. This fish has a very distinctive mouth and has needle style teeth along the hinged lower jaw. The viperfish is considered one of the deadliest deep sea fish and entices the prey through the light at the end of their dorsal fin.

The Gulper eel is one of the more bizarre looking animals in the sea and has a truly unusual hinged jaw, which makes it appear to have an over sized mouth. This fish can grow up to six feet long, and its stomach can stretch to a vast size. The distinctive, long whip like tail has a luminous organ at the end to entice the prey.

Tadpole Snail fish are extremely small and wriggle around the ocean like a tadpole, with an oversized head and narrow tail. The skin that covers this fish is very loose and has the appearance of a jellyfish making them highly unusual to see. They are typically eaten by many other deep sea fish, however, are still highly populated.

Oyster toadfish are incredible deep sea fish, which can change their color depending on their surroundings. This fish can go for several days without any food, and live in very extreme conditions. The unusual appearance of this fish allows them to blend in with mud and rocks at the surface of the sea. They have fins which are situated on the front of their throat, which stretch out to appear like a fan.

Play With Water by Jani Ravas

There are many other species of deep ocean fish, and although people think that there are vast numbers below the surface this is diminishing fast. Industrial fishing of the water around the world has depleted the fish stocks, and this style of fishing should be banned. Fish take a considerable amount of time to replenish the waters and if the fishing continues there will be a significant problem in the waters.

The importance of deep ocean fish can also be seen as their natural swimming ability. Study how they swim, their natural chi, to learn more on how you are able to swim naturally.

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