Deep Ocean - Deep
Salt Water

Deep Ocean: Fascinating, full of wonder, where unexplained energies thrive....

So many people gaze at the stars because of the vast size of the universe, the mystery it holds and amazing sights that make up the sky at night. There are so many people in fact, in love with space that they tend to forget about another place full of mysteries, fantastic sights, and things to discover, the deep ocean. The deep ocean however, is much more accessible than deep space and for an experienced diver, there are many sights to see, places to explore, mysteries to be found and in many cases, new life to be discovered. There is a whole different side of our world in the deep, waters that make up our ocean. The deeper you go in the ocean, the more diverse the sea life is as well as the colors of the water, varying from the water closer to the surface. The ocean depth truly is a unique open water world that most of us have yet to experience.

Deep Ocean Sights

Deep sea divers are lucky enough to encounter the many spectacular sights that the bottom ocean world has to offer. They use their skills to explore historic, under the sea landmarks such as the Titanic, the Bismarck, and the water far beneath the North Pole and Hydrothermal vents that are scattered throughout the world. There are also cities that have crumbled, originally built decades ago, a variety of sunken ships, and hidden treasures that are resting in the deep ocean, just waiting below for these lucky deep sea divers to find.

Man made landmarks and treasures aren't the only things to be recorded by divers exploring the deep blue sea. There are also a huge variety of ocean life, sea creatures and aquatic life that thrive far below the surface in the high pressure areas of the depthy ocean. These deep sea fish somehow flourishes in this pressurized environment, including tubeworms, and different varieties of plankton. Some depthly ocean areas have somehow attracted whales, but more often than not, they don't survive the depth which has been proven by the whale carcasses found in the bottom ocean depths.

See in the Sea

Visibility in the dense, depthy ocean water is nearly nonexistent due to the dense blackness that shrouds the environment. Luckily, technology has come a long way and it is now possible for deep sea divers to enjoy the mysteries the deep ocean has to offer. They have access to everything from helmets with lights on them, suits that make swimming in the denser parts of the ocean easier, and film equipment that can clearly record aquatic life in the depthy ocean environments. All these tools come together to make it possible for deep sea divers to explore the mysteries of the deep ocean world.

Deep sea divers of the deep sea have always been the ones to uncover the secrets of our bottomless ocean mysteries, as well as report their findings regarding unique marine biology. With the technology of today, more and more of our subterranean ocean stories are told, and we can only expect this amazing trend to expand, sharing even more findings from the deepest depths of the ocean.

Today's Swimming Workout

Warm-Up:  500 as 25 side glide kicking, 75 swim tai-chi manner, continuous

8 X 50 alternating 50 freestyle and 50 backstroke

2 X 200 IM (Individual Medley) as 25 kick, 25 swim

6 X 50 butterfly with swim-fins on

2 X 200 freestyle with perfect swim technique

4 X 50 breaststroke

Cool-Down:  500 as 25 skulling, 75 swimming relaxed

Total:  2700 meters or yards depending on the length of your pool

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