Featured Swim Drills

Swim drills help our human body understand how it interacts with the water we are moving through. Understanding how to orient and control your body to maximize the beneficial effects of the water while also minimizing its detrimental effects is the result of such swim drill practices. The following are static posture and balance (SPBDrills), dynamic posture and balance (DPBDrills), stroke integration (SIDrills) and rotation connection (RCDrills) swim drills.

Static Posture and Balance Swim Drills (SPBDrills)

Correct posture and balance is the foundation of good swimming. Just as learning to stand up and be in balance is a prerequisite to learning to walk for an infant, getting and staying balanced with good tight-line posture and simple kicking is essential to highly effective swimming.

Vertical Kicking (VK)

Front Balance (FB)

Back Balance (BB)

Side-Glide nose-down (SGND)

Side-Glide nose-up (SGNU)

Dynamic Posture and Balance Drills (DPBDrills)

Side Glide with Breathing (SGB)

Body Balance Roll (BBR)

Vertical Kick with Rotation (VKR)

Long-Axis Rotations (LAR)

Stroke-Integration Drills (SIDrills)

Side-glide single strokes (SGSS)

Three Strokes and Glide (3S&G)

Rotation-Connection Drills (RCDrills)

Many rotations, three strokes (MR3S)

Three rotations, three strokes (3R3S)

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