The Colors of the Natural Swimmers Open Water

Colors of

Colors  provides us with wonderful experiences.  Countless mythological descriptions, assignments to powers and manifested effects of color were ascribed by the ancient populations.  Modern life seems to have destroyed this veil of magic as nowadays color is seen as specific parts of the spectrum of light.  They are defined as radiation of a certain frequency and wavelength.

The Aura of the Natural Swimmers Open Water

The few people who have traveled in space have one thing to say about the beauty of the planet. At a distance, the colors of the earth are drawn into the movement and light reflected by the oceans and visible reefs. However, for most people who are asked about the color of open water like oceans, chances are the common answer would be blue. Actually, pure water is clear and that they only seem blue because the water reflects the color of the ocean floor. The deeper the water gets, it exhibits darker navy blue color. However, many other factors like the cultivation of marine life present in the water gives the common blue color of open water other color hues like red, yellows and greens. Much like the aura possessed by a natural swimmer, the color exhibited by the world’s open waters tells much about its climate within its nature.

The aura of natural swimmers like you is simply an extension of your life. Whenever you feel distraught, disconnected and generally unwell, it projects a dark aura or sense of ill that often leaves you the feeling of being drained. Similar to the way an ocean reflects light and assumes the color of the climate beneath its surface, your aura very much depends on your state of well being. To keep your aura clear like pure water, you need to get rid of the toxins and any other elements that pollutes your pure aura.

The real reason behind the peaceful blue aura of open water is the undisturbed natural processes that occur beneath its surface. For instance, it exhibits clear blue hues as it can freely reflect the light streaming from the sun, from the surface and down to its core. Now, any disturbance in this state of light reflections would give the water other colors of. It is a fact that the absorption of color red in water is faster than with color blue. When sunlight hits the water, the molecules in the water interact with the light at various wavelengths. In the case of particles that are suspended in the water, they tend to increase the scattering of light. Particles composed of algae, phytoplankton as well as elements of pollution like oil and toxic chemicals will taint the clear blue color of open water.

The key in keeping the colors of open water clear and pure is by making sure that the ocean remains able to cleanse itself from common pollutants. In this light, the same may apply in maintaining the pure and peaceful aura of a natural swimmer. Any disturbance in the natural order of things can easily shift a positive aura to its darker negative sense. Ocean Life and organisms that are on and off the world’s open waters possess aura, which facilitates a dynamic vibe to sustain interaction. The breathtaking hues of sunsets and the colorful display of coral reefs and it's color and the coral reef animals gives us a direct comparison of how our auras play a crucial role in our lives.  The beautiful colors of starfish have nothing to do with their disappearance.

The thriving colors of nature project a full spectrum of life. You can never see a group of natural swimmer flocking a black and lifeless coral reef. A lively and thriving aura easily attracts positivity in activities and even in health. In this light, a modern range of health care therapies was developed to promote better quality of life. These therapies make use of aura analysis and color therapy to improve various health conditions. Hence, purifying your aura can be the key in keeping your journey of making more discoveries under clear and pure open waters worthwhile.


Human Aura

Humans, like other living organisms, possess a colorless field of electromagnetic energy that senses a full spectrum of his moods and vitality or state of health.

Color Therapy

Color therapy (Chromotherapy) emerges as another alternative health care option in restoring full health. Using a wide range of colors encompassing corrective energies, one can restore and maintenance balance in health while giving a sense of physical as well as emotional peace.

Colorful Fish

The slivery bodies of undersea creatures reflects a full spectrum of colors depending on how they absorb sunlight and create a colorful façade for the world’s open waters.

The Physical Rainbow (made of water droplets)

Expanding your conscious connections using the physical rainbow can help restore health disorders and emotional imbalances while bridging tighter collections to the more important keys to health.

Colors are Believed to have Meanings

Colors are basically created within the presence of energy exchange. The brightness of its hues depicts the power in which the harmony within natural processes is maintained. Specific energies correspond to specific colors of, which helps interpret the aura and potential health problems of people with chronic health conditions.

Healing with Color

The use of colors in jump starting, recharging and restoring the harmony in the flow of energies within the body is the key concept behind healing with color.

Aqua Water

Water is life. Many times, its crucial roles to health and overlooked. Not only does it promote life. Pure water is instrumental in restoring and maintaining health.

Swim Gear Colors

The wide range of swim gear colors is an exhibit of the full range of colors that nature creates for everyone to marvel under the sea. Discover more of Mother Nature’s colorful creations with your own pick of swim gear color.

The Aqua Swim Box (pool)

There is always an opportunity for you to relax and cleanse your soul and aura. The Aqua swim box presents a viable chance for you to immerse yourself in pure water and restore peace in your crowded and busy consciousness.

Today's Daily Swimming Workout:

Warm-Up:  500 freestyle, 100 breaststroke kick, 200 Individual Medley, 100 kick butterfly-on-back, 100 super slow tai-chi style freestyle

500 as 25 backstroke, 75 freestyle non-stop

600 Individual Medley

4 X 50 alternating butterfly and freestyle

Pull with hand-paddles on: 500 as 25 breaststroke, 75 freestyle, 4 X 50 breaststroke

20 X 50 with long swim fins on:  freestyle every third one is backstroke

Warm-down: 200 tai-chi style easy choice of strokes

Total:  4200 meters or yards depending on length of pool

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