The Many and Magnificent Coral Reef Colors

Coral reef colors are an inspiration.  No wonder why people continuously go down deep and marvel at the discovery of many coral reefs and marine life forms. In many inexplicable ways, coral reefs have always been a showcase of varying intensities of colors that are exclusive to its many inhabitants. Thankfully, man learned the skills of going into the water and marveling at its beauty, day in and out. In every dive, you are rewarded with a new range of splashes of distinct marine color that only nature can create.

You can compare a coral or coral reef into many different cities. Not only do they vary in their form. They also vary greatly on the colors they show, which greatly depend on the life forms and the amount of light that strike their surfaces. Also, factors like the health of corals add to the characteristically vibrant range of the coral reef colors that exhibits. Talk about a gallery of marine masterpiece, every coral is a Louvre of nature’s play of marine colors.

A coral can be a home to diverse species of natural swimmer and other sea creatures. Their strategic location across the world’s tropical and subtropical regions make it a host for a thin veneer of living organisms as well as schools of natural swimmers. The creatures living in and on a coral reef may dictate its color. For instance, the unique coloring of organisms known as zooxanthellae makes it a thing a marine beauty. Since corals are technically classified as animals, their natural pigment produce a range of white, red, orange, green, blue, yellow and purple colors that never fails to attract schools of fishes to live by it. More vivid display of light and colors may be observed with some algae that naturally live on the coral tissues. This symbiotic relationship with other marine creatures allows the coral to create the coral reef colors that will put any color wheel to shame.

The location of a coral reef may tell something about its color. Usually, large patches of blue, green and brown shades are seen on corals in deep-water areas. Although most living reef structures appear to be brown, you can see specks of red, orange and bright blue green up close. For deep coral formations as Australia’s 2,000-kilometer Great Barrier Reef, its distinct color can even be seen in space. No great distance can keep you from marveling at the beauty of colorful reefs.

Understandably, colorful corals are equally irresistible to fishes. Virtually all known species of fish are known to have lived part of their life cycle amidst its unique protective structure and intrepid beauty. Most colorful fishes live in it as a protective measure, using brightly colored corals as a camouflage to their equally colorful body, protecting them against predators. From clown fishes to sea anemone, the many marine creatures that live within the  coral reef colors only accented its unique beauty.

Now aside from protective reasons, coral reefs also play host to many fishes’ mating season. These fishes usually display colorful patterns in their body. The colorful structures of reefs make them look more conspicuous to potential mates. For divers, this is definitely something to look forward to seeing up close. Imagine the thrill of actually witnessing such display of competition, temperament and territorial streaks among equally beautiful coral fishes.

Perhaps your love for outdoor activities such as swimming and diving may somehow influence you to prefer coral reef colors for your daily apparel. Not only will it look good as your choice of eye shadow, nail polish, lipstick and other cosmetics, it will definitely look great when worn. The play of bright and sheen shades of red, green, blue, yellow and brown will sure give you a key to picking outstanding colors of dresses, shirts and even fashionable pants.

For the masculine crowd, the range of coral brown and hues of coral blue and green can be your guide to a smart suit, shirt or tie. Living up with these colors may extend to your choice of colors in your swimsuits and sporting gears. From your bathing suits and diving suits to gadgets and accessories, copying the bright colors of coral reefs will sure keep things more interesting.

To look exceptional for every occasion, much like the coral fishes, be guided by the colors you see in a magnificent coral reef. As territorial as clown fishes and other colorful coral marine life are, you can make a bold and fashionable statement by wearing the sheen colors of coral reefs. No coral color is too bright or too loud. From your daily apparel to your diving gear, cosmetics to daily accessories, wearing the beautiful colors of undersea wonders will never be out of place. What an inspiration to swim!


Today’s Daily swimming workout:

Warm-Up:  500 freestyle, 100 breaststroke kick, 300 Individual Medley, 100 kick butterfly-on-back

6 X 150 as 100 kick, 50 swim:  butterfly, freestyle, backstroke, freestyle, breaststroke, freestyle

Easy 100 Individual Medley

2 X (50 breaststroke, 100 freestyle, 400 Individual Medley, 50 breaststroke, 100 freestyle)

Warm-down:  200 easy tai-chi style swimming

Total:  3600 meters or yards

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