Understanding the Salpa Maggiore

One of the strangest pieces of ocean life is the salpa maggiore. When it was recently caught in New Zealand, just off the coast, it started a fisherman as the strange creature floating was unlike anything he had seen before. While scaly like other fish, this creature is unique in the fact that it is transparent. The only color on their body is an orange spot that stands out in the body.

This is of course a characteristic that the jellyfish shares with the transparent salpa maggiore. However, this fish is more a combination of shrimp and fish. It swims through the water by pumping water through its body where it can glide along the top of the water almost camouflaged, thanks to the transparent nature. While they do show up swimming in colonies, this sea creature is a type of ocean life that does often venture out alone. While they are pumping the water through their body and gliding, these creatures sift through the contents and pull out algae and phytoplankton.

If you are unable to venture to New Zealand where the most recent spotting was, don’t worry. There have been sightings of the salpa maggiore in both the cold seas and the equatorial areas of the ocean. When encountered, the species tends to be harmless and will only feed on things like plankton and when food is plentiful, these creatures are going to have the ability to clone themselves, which is an incredible trait for this aquatic species. They begin to replicate in a chain thanks to their asexual nature and as the chain grows, they communicate with electrical currents. That way, their movements are in sync.

It is important to note that the reproduction and number of this species is always kept in line with the phytoplankton levels that surround them. When there is a surge in the population, these creatures will grow rapidly, but when the levels go back to normal, the excess salpa maggiore will begin to die off. This ensures a natural balance is maintained in the depths of the ocean.

While it is fascinating that this transparent  fish was found near the top of the waters, not everyone may see them. Although they can swim towards the surface of the ocean, these creatures do tend to stay closer to the depths of the sea. In recent years, there has been an increase in deep sea creatures turning up on land. While it is fascinating to see these unique creatures, some scientists are concerned about the numbers of creatures like this bizare fish, oarfish and even the skate fish that are showing up on land and floating on top of the surface of the sea.

There is no denying that the salpa maggiore is one of the most fascinating creatures that are found in the ocean. With their unique bodies and swimming style, they can capture your imagination and swimmers will remain fascinated by the unique approach these creatures take when they swim through the waters of the ocean.


Today’s Daily Swimming Workout:

Warm-up:  500 as 25 breaststroke, 75 balanced freestyle

Kick with swim fins on:  8 X 50 alternating freestyle and butterfly

Swim 8 X 75 alternating backstroke and freestyle by 75’s

16 X 100 alternating Individual Medley and buoyant freestyle

Kick 200 without fins

Pull with swim paddles on:  400 freestyle

8 X 25 sprint – your choice of strokes, lots of rest

Warm-down:  200 tai chi style swimming

Total:  4100 meters or yards

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