Chinese Meridians Are A Natural Swimmers Healthy Key

Chinese Meridians:

The human body is composed of living cells that make up the bones, muscles, nerves, organs and other parts of the body. This classic definition of the basic components of the body often overlooks the key role of life force energy. In truth, all known body parts will never function without the energy system, which simply powers up all biological processes. It is what powers up the brain synapses, which is the engine of all bodily processes. When the physical human body is composed of vital cells, tissues and organs, the energy system of the body also possess an equally vital system of energy flow called the Chinese meridians.

These meridians work as a system of life energy transmissions that affect thought processes and emotions. They manage all the essential elements that give life to human bodies. This system of energy flow basically starts from the regions of energy centers within the body, which are known as chakras. Through the body’s natural flow of fluids, energy flows through every cell to sustain its processes. In a sense, the energy meridians and chakras work like a network of rivers filled with vital life energies that are needed by the body to maintain health.

There are a limited number of experts that can manage a body’s life force or
Chi. Acupuncturists claim that there are 12 meridian channels inside the body. These meridians are basically linked to a particular organ system, providing them with the life force needed to function normally and prevent potential diseases. In this light, the analysis of Chinese meridians is important in maintaining health as well as detecting potential health problems at an early stage.

The body’s energy meridians are divided into two systems: the primary and secondary meridians. The primary meridian is responsible in maintaining continuous circulation. It powers up the processes performed by the stomach, lungs, colon, spleen, intestines, heart, kidneys, bladder, pericardium, liver, triple warmer and gall bladder. As you can see, the primary meridian is mainly responsible for powering up all the organs that cleanse the body of all potentially harmful elements like toxins. On the other hand, the secondary meridian delivers energy that does not pass through the internal organs. This complex network of interrelated systems plays crucial roles in the circulation of Chi.

Understandably, the load of stresses and toxins ingested by the body may cause certain imbalances to the vital system of energy flow through the meridians. The meridians may be blocked and stagnate the flow of life energy throughout the body. In addition, this imbalance in the flow of life forces may send energy to the wrong direction, which often results to both physical as well as emotional problems or mood disorders.

One way of getting rid of the body’s energy flow blockages is by using light massages, and light electric stimulations to jump start natural energy flow. This way, the brain will be tapped to release order fluids that will initiate the body’s self-healing processes. Most experts in Chinese meridian healing claim that unreleased stress is the main cause of today’s chronic and debilitating diseases. The only way to restore and promote better health is by assisting the body and tapping into its natural ability to heal itself.

In this light, the system of healing that involved the analysis and understanding of the body’s Chinese meridians present a non-invasive technique of restoring health. By getting rid of the blockages and disturbances to the flow of Chi, it releases the body from the stresses that bring about a wide range of health problems. An athlete or natural swimmer may benefit from the corrective physical energy rehabilitation benefits of corrective Chinese meridian therapies. Natural therapies such as the Reiki system of healing and acupuncture are just few of the many new therapy methods that offer to restore harmony within the body to promote healing in the mind and body.

Today's Daily Swim Workout:

Warm-up:  500 freestyle, every 4th length breaststroke

6 X 50 freestyle and backstroke

8 X 25 freestyle and breaststroke

Kick with swim fins: 10 X 50 alternating butterfly-on-back and backstroke

100 Individual Medley

Pull with hand paddles: 500 freestyle

8 X (75 breaststroke, 125 freestyle)

4 X 100 backstroke

20 X 25 freestyle

Warm-down: 300 your choice of stroke super slow tai-chi style

Total: 4400 meters or yards depending on length of the pool.

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