Alternative Healthcare
May Be Your Cure

Alternative healthcare is the practice of healing without the use of modern medicine and does not rely on scientific evidence. This area of healthcare utilizes practices, therapies and products that are not recognized by western medicine. This however does not mean that this area of healthcare does not hold merit. There are studies that have shown that many forms of alternative medical healthcare do actually work. The most commonly practiced forms of alternative healthcare are acupuncture, chiropractic, energy medicine, homeopathy, and naturopathy. Each has their own niche that they focus on in terms of healing.  There is a difference between alternative and comlimentary medicine in definition.

Alternative Healthcare 's Energy Medicine

Energy medicine is one of the most commonly explored areas of alternative medicine. The belief is that energy can be passed and used to heal another person, while curing the main ailments that they face. This can be done through the use of currents, through spiritual energy healing or one of the similar alternatives. Despite many studies showing that this method is indeed proven and effective, there are those who still doubt the concept. However, those who have experienced energy medicine firsthand can attest that it is very real and one of the most powerful forms of healing that is available.

The Healing Power of Water

For some, swimming has proven to be a positive choice when considering alternative healing options. When a person enters into the water, the water has the power to naturally restore the body and this can help to erase the negativity energy within the body. In time, the influx of positive energy can promote healing and restore the health and wellbeing of the afflicted individual. It can also help to restore the energy levels that are found within the swimmer that is wading through the water.

Of course, for this to work there does need to be some balance. The surrounding waters have to be full of positive energy and in cases that there is negative energy in the water, the effectiveness will most likely be minimal.

This concept is one that is similar to the therapeutic baths that are found across the world. The use of hydrotherapy in these cases is one that we all use in our lives, whether we realize it or not. Chances are at some point you have soaked in a hot bath, or put ice on an injury. These are extensions of hydrotherapy; something which natural swimmers can find will be incredibly helpful to their wellbeing.

The following ailments have been shown to positively improve with various forms of hydrotherapy. They include but are not limited to:

  • Anxiety
  • Arthritis
  • Heart Disease
  • Infections
  • Obesity
  • Sports Injuries
  • Stress
  • Wounds

There are other forms of hydrotherapy that can be used to help heal the body and often it is recommended you work closely with a naturopathic doctor. That way, you can ensure that the approach taken is correct for the ailments and symptoms that you are facing. With water exercises, whirlpool therapy and irrigation, it will be possible to restore the health of your body and to promote positive natural healing.

Today’s Daily Swimming Workout:

Warm-up:  5 X 100 swim as 25 breaststroke, 75 freestyle; 100 kick breaststroke, 100 kick butterfly-on-back, 300 Individual Medley

Kick with swim fins 200 backstroke, 200 freestyle, 200 backstroke

8 X 25 alternating butterfly and freestyle

8 X 50 alternating backstroke and freestyle by 50

6 X 150 swam with hand paddles as 50 breaststroke, 100 freestyle

2 X 150 as 50 butterfly, 100 freestyle

2 X 150 as 50 backstroke, 100 freestyle

20 X 50 alternating freestyle and choice by 50

Warm-down:  200 super-slow tai-chi freestyle, 100 choice of stroke easy tai-chi style

Total:  5000 meters or yards

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