Motor Skills and Swimming

Motor skills play an important role in our lives. Movement is an essential key to life. With it, we can improve our physical health, remain strong and reduce stress and find pleasure in the simple things. Through swimming, we are able to enhance these developmental skills and to help improve the health of our bodies.

With regular swimming, muscles are built and the body begins to become leaner. As breath control and movement becomes more precise with the growth of motor skills, you begin to improve your control out of the water. You’ll look and feel better. After all, you’ll be moving and breathing more effectively.

Developing Motor Skills in the Water

When you begin swimming in water, you are also working the large muscles of the body. You are working to build coordination and to keep the muscles from tensing and locking up on you. Adults and college swimmers aren’t the only ones who will experience benefits from swimming with their motor skills either.

Swimmers of all ages will experience a boost to their brain development, due to the kicking of their legs and movement of their arms at the same time. As you work through this combination, you’ll begin to notice a boost in motor skills. Parents who train and swim with their children also find that they experience a reduction in stress and improved blood flow in the body. This helps to reduce a lot of the stress in a person’s life and this can help swimming to become something therapeutic for you.

Children’s Development

Hand eye coordination also improves with routine swimming. Children will find they are able to better use their hands to achieve certain tasks through the skill set they gain by regularly swimming. With that social skills also improve, which are essential for success in life. Their experiences at the pool will help them to form new bonds with people and to gain a new sense of comradery.

Cognitive behavior also improves through swimming. Swimming is one of the few exercises that has been shown to significantly improve cognition in young children. With regular practice, children can experience a degree of brain regeneration. With regular swimming, they can become smarter and this can help them in their studies. In fact, children who are autistic or special needs have also shown significant improvement with this form of exercise. This means a child’s life can be enriched and experience a greater depth of enjoyment, if you continue to work with them by building their love of the water.

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Of course, this love of the water will continue to follow them throughout the course of their lives. They can take this passion and use their experiences throughout their lives. They’ll know it will help them to remain physically fit and that it reduces their stress levels. It will also help to clear their minds when they’re struggling later on at work and swimming can be a time when your children begin to work through some of the struggles that they end up facing.

Daily Swim Workout

warm-up:  500 straight tai-chi style

Kick 300 flutter streamline, drill 300 balance, kick 300 flutter streamline

4X100 butterfly, swim 150 freestyle, 4X100 backstroke, swim 150 freestyle, 4X100 breaststroke, swim 150 freestyle

Kick 200 choice easy

Pull: 600 straight

12x25 alternate choice of stroke and freestyle

warm-down: 200 easy choice

Total:  4350 yards or meters depending on length of pool

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