Caroline Myss has a Gift of Medical Intuition

As one of the most respected individuals in energy medicine, Caroline Myss leads workshops and lectures to people across the globe. Her work tends to focus on human consciousness, energy medicine, health, mysticism and even spirituality. Although some were skeptical of her for a time, it was after she appeared on Oprah that people really took notice to her unique insight into healing.

Perhaps part of the reason why Caroline Myss is so successful is the fact that she has taken the ancient views and understanding of the human energy system and blended them with modern science. She holds a degree in theology, energy medicine, intuition as well as journalism. This has helped her to further understand chakras and to better understand how our individual thoughts have an impact on our bodies and our lives.

Caroline Myss Establishes CMED

Passionate about this topic, Caroline has gone on to establish the CMED. This is an institute that has programs which focus on the core areas of her studies. They include mysticism, sacred contracts, energy medicine and even energy anatomy. In addition to providing an educational platform students can attend, she also offers consultation with physicians, psychologists and other healthcare professionals to help improve the lives of others. In her off time, she continues to lecture and hold workshops that others can attend.

Those who may not be in an area where she is lecturing may want to consider picking up one of her New York Times bestselling books:

You can find them on amazon, and even see a picture of her there.

Caroline Myss shared with Oprah

It is clear that Caroline has come a long way from the day that she shared a couch with Oprah in 1998 and introduced topics that many people are using today that once seemed impossible at the time. However, she has never taken down time and instead has continued to teach and lead those who want to look at how they can practice self healing and incorporate those methods into their own lives.

An area of her teachings focuses on the despair and sadness people can feel, during their moments of being trapped. This stems from them not being on their chosen path. To help get things under control, a person needs to look and ensure they are empowering themselves. This stems from listening to their intuitive voice and knowing that it should not be blocked.

If you are looking to experience self healing more in depth, then the words of Caroline Myss will be a critical area of study. There is a reason that she is internationally respected and recognized for her work. That is the fact that she has proven time and again that she understands the spiritual concepts of life, by finding your purpose and training the mind to heal itself. Both of which are possible, as you begin to explore the wealth of information she has to offer in her books and within her lectures.

Today's Daily Swimming Workout

Warm-up: 200 freestyle, 100 breaststroke kick, 200 freestyle, 100 kick butterfly-on-back, 300 Individual Medley, 100 freestyle one breath side glide drill

8 X 125 as 50 IM order, 75 freestyle

5 X 100 as 25 butterfly, 75 freestyle

5 X 100 with swim fins on as 25 backstroke, 75 freestyle

5 X 100 with hand paddles on as 25 breaststroke, 75 freestyle

10 X 50 alternating 50s, choice of stroke and freestyle

Warm-down:  500 as 50 tai-chi style freestyle, and 50 freestyle

Total:  4500 meters or yards

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