Effortless Swim Training

Effortless swimming, thus effortless swim training, can be achieved by taking in the chi that surrounds us and using this energy to push ourselves and excel. As a natural swimmer, you understand that to move faster, you need to use your body smarter, as you find the path of least resistance.


This begins by listening to your energy as you swim. As you focus on these energy signals, you will have the chance to understand your chi better and use it to help boost your performance.


Part of the approach a swimmer should take to ensure their swimming becomes effortless, just like a fish swims, is to streamline their form while swimming. This reduces the amount of energy that you end up wasting while you swim. By doing this, you have the chance to boost your endurance and that can lead to increased distance and velocity.


While becoming in touch with your y'chi, the successful swimmer will also focus on their timing and form. When you use your body in a more effective manner, you reduce your struggle and there is a decrease in the possibility of experiencing pain and even injury. To maximize this, you need to first look at how you are moving your body as you glide through the water.


To ensure you experience less resistance, you will need to look at the strokes you are taking. As you reach and pull yourself through the water, the drive should be coming from the core of your body. This should be combined with kicks that originate from the hips and your elbows and knees should be kept as straight as possible, to produce less resistance and to keep your body in a form that provides better vertical and horizontal rotation.


You will find that to be an efficient swimmer, effortless swim training involves you needing to kick off with a stroke and then begin a roll that finishes when you need to take your next stroke. Adding in breathing and kicks in equal intervals allows you to take a more natural approach to swimming and you end up effectively using your chi at this time.


Above all, realize that your chi is going to be unique to you. Everyone will find that their individual signals and unique swimmers body type will be different from another person’s. Because of that, you will need to focus on your body and tap into your energy to get a better understanding of how you can effectively use it when you begin effortless swim training.

Today's Daily Swim Workout:

Warm-up:  1000 meters as a 500 straight freestyle, 100 breaststroke kick, 200 IM, 100 kick fly-on-back, 100 freestyle drill on side

4 x (25 butterfly, 75 backstroke, 100 freestyle)

Kick 200 backstroke, 8 x 50 freestyle with 5 second rest

Pull with paddles: 4 x (50 breast stroke, 100 crawl)

8 x 50 non-stop alternating freestyle and backstoke

Warm-down:  200 freestyle

Total:  3600 meters or yards

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