Intuitive Swim Training

Intuitive swim training is an unconventional way of becoming a better swimmer.  Improve your swim by connecting with your inner self and listen to what your body is telling you before, during and after a workout. It is a mind game to analyze advice on what will help you personally and then quiet your mind for internal signals. Part of this means you need to rely on your intuition to help guide you. Intuition is of course the understanding an ability or a concept immediately without any kind of conscious reasoning being required.

As a natural swimmer, you will find that intuitive swim training will be the best approach you can take to ensure that you excel in the water. Before you begin the process, you might want to consider finding a coach to come in and teach you the basic swimming techniques and to build up your endurance so that you can handle quite a bit of yardage and build up your experience in the water.

Intuitive Swim Training Signals

With intuitive swim training, you listen to your body and focus on the signals that come with the exercise of becoming a better swimmer. What you will find is that as you move your body and exercise, your body is sending unique signals throughout your body that when you connect with them on a psychological level it will allow you to up your game and to drive your body harder, so that you can endure more. You will know your limits and continue to try to push them so you can continue to grow stronger and faster in the water.

Your Swim Practice Plan

At the same time, you will go in with a plan before every workout, but never plan on getting beyond warm-up mode if your body isn’t up for it that day. Instead, you let your body take control of the situation.

Ultimately, it will be your connection to your body and the proficiency that comes with practice that will help you to become a successful swimmer. Being that this is intuitive swim training it means that you don’t ignore or decrease the value of some of the factors that will impact your results. As you grow older, you are going to find that your fitness ability will decrease. In addition to that, your overall strength, weight and any illnesses or injuries can have an impact on what you can do. Instead of allowing these to force you into a corner and saying that you can’t swim though, it is a better choice to focus on where your ability is and allow that to improve your results as a swimmer.

In fact, what follows is something that is critically important to keep in mind if you want to become a successful swimmer. Those who win races, the ones that reach their full potential are those who understand their bodies and they don’t allow fear or their mind to get in their mind. In each of us, we build up walls that prevent us from reaching our full potential.

Nothing Negative

Our minds are what holds us back from reaching our full potential. With intuitive swim training though, those negative thoughts that can hinder our results can be overlooked and ignored. In their place, you can clear your mind and focus on the water in front of you (find your y-chi) and to swim at your peak levels by focusing on the natural movements of your muscles, rather than growing tense and sloppy in form.

This also brings up another important point about intuitive swim training. As a natural swimmer, you don’t want to cloud your thinking by overthinking everything that you are doing while swimming. A good idea is absorb the routine and to learn the cues and to focus on the signals of your inner energy. With time and practice, this is going to help you to excel as a swimmer and to reach new levels of success.

Be Persistent

Of course, you need to understand that the growth and results you achieve aren’t going to happen overnight. While we live in a world where instant results are nice, it is important to understand that success doesn’t come easy and it takes time to build on what you have to reach your internal greatness. That means you need to keep up with your intuitive swim training and continue to grow and to track the progression of being a good swimmer and go through the hard work and dedication to become a great one. The potential and power is in every natural swimmer, if they focus on the basics.

With that in mind, begin to focus on the basics and the foundation of who you are as a swimmer. Begin to learn the process of intuitive swim training from a professional who understands the process. Here, you will find that you have the chance to become a successful swimmer and to further excel when you are in the water.

Today’s Daily Swimming Workout:

Warm-Up:  500 repeating 25 breaststroke, 75 freestyle; 100 breaststroke kick, 100 kick butterfly-on-back, 75 butterfly, 75 backstroke, 75 breaststroke, 75 freestyle

Kick with swim fins 6 X 100 alternating backstroke and freestyle by 100

2 X 200 Individual Medley with first 25 of each stroke kicking

2 X 200 as 50 butterfly, 150 freestyle

2 X 200 as 50 backstroke, 150 freestyle

2 X 200 as 50 breaststroke, 150 freestyle

16 X 50 alternating choice of stroke and freestyle by 50s

8 X 25’s hard, sprint, alternating kick and swim by 25

Warm-down:  200 super-slow tai chi style swimming

Total:  4300 meters or yards

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