Bass Fishing Lures Complete the Picture

Bass fishing lures are a part of bass fishing; one of the most intense and exciting fishing sports on the planet. This is in part to the hype and excitement that surrounds catching these fish and the fact that they do have an incredible flavor that fish lovers enjoy. There is even a surprising amount of buzz around them. You will quickly notice that these sea creatures have a great deal of television and publications devoted exclusively to them.

Of course, when you are trying to capture these sea creatures, you aren’t going to capture them using a pole and a worm. You will need bass fishing lures that are designed to help you to catch them. These lures are designed to replicate the look and movement of their favorite meals and this will encourage them to bite the bait and that will allow you to reel them and take snapshots of your catch.

There are of course some bass fishing lures that are more common than others. For example, stick baits rest on the top of the water and the angler will create a movement that will entice the fish to follow and to bite the lure. This can be a very effective option for the advanced fisherman.

Chuggers in turn will ripple the water and will splash as you reel them in. This catches the attention of the fish and will cause them to bite at the lure. Adding a grub to the line will further entice these sea creatures and have them eyeing the lure with a sense of hunger.

Fluke baits are long and narrow and commonly made from plastic. These lures are designed to look just like baitfish and big bass will flock quickly to them. They are often one of the main choices for bass fishing lures that the professionals will used and are often changed out on occasion for a spinner bait that has tiny blades on it that spin, which help to capture the bass.

Of course, the old traditional plastic work will also do the trip. They are inexpensive, look real and they still catch the big bass on a regular basis. If you want to go simple and have an old reliable option, this will be the best overall choice.

Like other ocean life fish, the bass will swim by flexing their bodies and their tails. This helps them to glide through the water until they reach their destination. Often, they will stick to mossy areas and areas where they can safely hide from predators, it will be a good idea to focus on those areas when you are fishing, as that can help you to snag some of the larger bass in the area.

Today's Daily Swimming Workout:

500 warm-up as 5 X100 alternating tai chi style freestyle and IM (Individual Medley)

8 X 75 as 25 butterfly, 50 freestyle 10 seconds rest

Kick with Long swim fins:  500 alternating 25 slow and 25 fast backstroke and freestyle

Drill 100 Individual Medley

Pull:  12 X 75 alternating breaststroke and freestyle by 75 15 seconds rest

12 X 100 alternating stroke (IM order) and freestyle 15 seconds rest

Cool-down: 200 your choice high technique

Total 3900 meters or yards

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